Count on me to make great decisions

Saturday January 21, 2012

Boy did I make the right decision. There probably is nowhere better in the world to be than right her, right now. Today was another entirely brand new experience for me. It was fresh powder riding like I have not know before. It was a completely different activity than what I have been doing. I knew I was in a totally different place than I was accustomed when a bunch of people were carrying their own portable, collapsible shovels. Seemed a bit crazy, but some of these people do crazy things.

The snow is so deep that sometimes when I fell it was hard to get up. There is nothing to grasp on to, my hands and arms just fall straight downward. I went ass over teakettle many times today. It was so much fun, just like tumbling and landing on clouds. I am pretty sure I started a couple avalanches today. Sometimes I could only go a few hundred yards and then have to rest my legs for a second. The snow was so abundant and thick that it was quite a physical workout. There was so much snow and it snowed nonstop all day, but it never was actually that cold. Luckily there was no wind, had there been wind it might have been cold. It was a strange phenomenon to be in that much snow and not be cold. The snow was so steadily falling that I was soaking wet at the end of the day. My pants were so heavy and weighed down from being wet that they wouldn’t stay up. I looked like thug or a plumber most of the day.

I only took the tram up to the highest point once today. It was about a 30-minute wait for the tram. I didn’t see the point when I could get on the gondolala or another lift with no wait at all. The peak of the tram ride was quite a trip. I got off the tram and it was white out conditions. Everything was bright white. There was absolutely no texture or depth perception to anything. It was probably the same feeling or experience that people talk about having when they die and are walking toward the white light. After that all that I could do was walk toward the edge and feel around with my foot for the drop off. If that is what death is going to be like, I can’t wait. The fresh powder creates the golden silence of snowboarding. It is so much different when you never hear ice scraping. That golden silence is hard to find, but I know it when I find it. Like a Zen moment. It’s kind of like white noise, you know there is a noise there, but there really is no noise. Just the silent sound of the board slicing through the snow.

I met a couple of nice guys from Long Island today. I am pretty sure they just took pity on me and were nice to me because I was alone. That was nice of them. That is fine, I’ll take it. Hopefully the get in touch because I’m pretty sure they have some great video of my awesomeness 😉 And this guys name is Linus. 

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