Last minute plans & First person shooters

Most of my day was spent gearing up and getting ready to be traveling for a long time. Packing, organizing, cleaning, tidying, and preparing are how my day was spent. One of the things I did was get a new helmet cam set up. I still have some tweaks to work out and need to optimize the mounting, but I do believe that in the process of today I may have invented the worlds newest and most outstanding first-person shooter game. I haven’t been approached about selling the rights to this game yet, but I am open to offers.

I realize this is not the talent level of Bennie and the Jets, but that is no reason to not be proud of my creative and inspired team. And the answer to everyone’s question is YES, many neighbors saw me running around in the back yard like a lunatic wearing a helmet and goggles playing Frisbee. It is probably exactly what the kid on your block with no friends looked like after he saw Tron the first time.

3 thoughts on “Last minute plans & First person shooters

  1. Ah Chuck, I see your skills are improving. It won’t be long now until you snare those shots like peach and cake. I’ll gladly have you join the Beast and I on the sandlot when your ready.

    – The Jet

  2. Benny, that is over a year of practicing and we are right where we started – afraid of the frisbee, aka bullet. i dont think we will ever be up to accepting a challenge from you.

  3. I am glad that I could create this little piece of cyberspace to be used for Canine Conversation and point counterpoint. Apparently my wife has an unhealthy doggie crush…Chuck and I don’t like it.

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