Farfetched? Probably. Impossible? Definitely not.

Buckle up boys and girls, the carnival is gearing up to commence. Plans have been made, plans have been changed, and the itinerary is always developing. The endeavor I am striving to undertake has been described as farfetched…to travel cross-country and spend the winter chasing the snow around the western North American mountains. Farfetched maybe, but not quite impossible.  For an oil baron this seems like an even crazier, more unlikely possibility. With the encouragement of the best wife ever (who happens to own a gun), the freedom of a non-breeder, and the backup of an amazing and mostly competent staff, I may just make this dream happen.
Contrary to some opinions, I believe life is most likely short. With that in mind, this is either my very first life (because I can’t remember any others), or the stories I have heard about reincarnation are a load of dog shit. If I don’t do this now, I may never get to…..or this may just be the first year of a new tradition….like last year was for real christmas trees.

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