WC2012 in date order

Winter Carnival is coming…

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 are you ready?

Getting closer

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Snow is coming down all around. Starting to get itchy. The carnival calendar is up www.jimmysellers.com/wordpress and I am mentally preparing…

The Winter Carnival Calendar has moved…

It now has it’s very own site. It can be found at the link above in the headings, at www.jimmysellers.com/calendar or you can clicky here!!!


Photo galleries uploaded

Getting prepared and getting excited! I uploaded a few of my photo galleries. I started with the ski related ones, obviously. I just moved everything to a new web hosting company and they have easy to use photo gallery tools. I put a link in the menu or www.jimmysellers.com/pictures

Farfetched? Probably. Impossible? Definitely not.

Buckle up boys and girls, the carnival is gearing up to commence. Plans have been made, plans have been changed, and the itinerary is always developing. The endeavor I am striving to undertake has been described as farfetched…to travel cross-country and spend the winter chasing the snow around the western North American mountains. Farfetched maybe, but not quite impossible.  For an oil baron this seems like an even crazier, more unlikely possibility. With the encouragement of the best wife ever (who happens to own a gun), the freedom of a non-breeder, and the backup of an amazing and mostly competent staff, I may just make this dream happen.

Contrary to some opinions, I believe life is most likely short. With that in mind, this is either my very first life (because I can’t remember any others), or the stories I have heard about reincarnation are a load of dog shit. If I don’t do this now, I may never get to…..or this may just be the first year of a new tradition….like last year was for real christmas trees.

Not quite, but it’s something…

I’m still finding ways to keep myself entertained while the Carnival clock counts down. The downhills make me crave the slopes. The uphills make my legs burn with euphoria. I think a few day trip to Killy is in order to make sure the legs still work and to bang the rust off myself and my board. Thanks to wifey (gun owner) for keeping me company today.


I’m not the only one excited for Winter Carnival

This guy makes even me look good.


One step closer

Man, this almost makes it feel real. In today’s mail was my Epic Pass. That’s right, I bought a season pass that is good at 7 or 8 mountains in Colorado and Lake Tahoe. I can’t believe how cheap it was in comparison. 7 uses and it will have paid for itself. Thanks for the heads up on this deal Greg in Colorado (like he is actually seeing this).

Taking the giving out of Thanxgiving

I am not 100% convinced that pilgrims or indians ever actually existed. Regardless of my religious beliefs (or complete lack thereof) in buckle hatted buffoons, or Chris Columbus fearing, tee pee building natives, it seemed like a brilliant day to make a turkey.

The only thing missing is our mommy family member. We think she is in Mexico buying guns from the Cartel, and we miss her.

PS- feathers are not a hat.


It’s beginning to look a lot like…….

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Carnival time…what did you actually expect it to say here? Of course Christmas is also just around the corner. As everyone already knows, there is no happier and joyous time of the year for me, which is why I was bestowed the nickname Christmas Jimmy. Most people know that I celebrate a much lesser observed holiday known as Winter Carnival. Christmas Jimmy is simply a nickname of convenience for others. Regardless, it is a time of year for celebration, joy, avoidance of family, festivity, and gluttony. My office is decorated with all the festive ornaments that symbolize Winter Carnival. There is a baby jesus in his manger sitting on one of my desks. Next to him is a paper clip holder. Across the desk from there is a yamaka that I use to keep the lid safely on top of my cigar jar humidor. I also have a picture of my dead dog and some granola bars. It is fairly obvious that this season really brings out the best in everyone, especially me.

Happy Winter Carnival to all!

SURPRISE!! I mean supplies.

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There was some steady action happening in Carnival Land yesterday. Stopped and picked up some supplies for trekking around the mountains.         

This was after being treated to a fantastic free lunch from a lovely Japanese lady. Never know when I might need to shovel myself out of a snow bank, bury a body, get ice off my windows, or beat a hobo off the hood of my car. It also looks like there might be some itinerary changes. I was offered another place in Colorado at the end of January. Updates were made to the calendar in case anyone needed to make flight arrangements. Just a reminder, all Carnival guests get a Complimentary Carnival Caravan to and from the closest airport. I was going to quote “cash, grass, or ass…no one rides for free”, but then I remembered my wife has this new gun, see…

On a different note I found out that The Simpsons made a JR Ewing reference in the last episode. Seems a little fishy to me. This is not the first time I have suspected that show and their writers of stalking the Winter Carnival 2012 website. Come on Simpsons, you are better than that.


Mobile homes are homes too

My darling friend Bradford sent the video below to me. It is short, under 2 minutes, and an easy watch. I am guessing that if my winter plans had any real thought, organization, or planning it would look something like this:

I’d have built a trailer on wheels if I had any friends. Traveling solo does not warrant a truly mobile home. Watching this over and over gives me hope that WC2013 could be a far-reaching and life-altering escapade. Either that, or I’ll simply follow the travel model set by the Griswolds, European Carnival 2013.

Just in case anyone did not know already, and was curious what exactly a Bradford is, here he is, captured at what can only be described as his happiest moment:


Last minute plans & First person shooters

Most of my day was spent gearing up and getting ready to be traveling for a long time. Packing, organizing, cleaning, tidying, and preparing are how my day was spent. One of the things I did was get a new helmet cam set up. I still have some tweaks to work out and need to optimize the mounting, but I do believe that in the process of today I may have invented the worlds newest and most outstanding first-person shooter game. I haven’t been approached about selling the rights to this game yet, but I am open to offers.

I realize this is not the talent level of Bennie and the Jets, but that is no reason to not be proud of my creative and inspired team. And the answer to everyone’s question is YES, many neighbors saw me running around in the back yard like a lunatic wearing a helmet and goggles playing Frisbee. It is probably exactly what the kid on your block with no friends looked like after he saw Tron the first time.

Is this real life?

Well under 2 weeks until embarkation day for my journey. I can hardly believe how the time flies. My gear seems to have started living the carnie life before me. Regardless of what I am able to do in the next few weeks, if I’m able to pull off this pipe dream of mine or not, my snowboard is on it’s way to Colorado. Bon voyage, farewell, I bid you adieu.

I don’t know if I can actually go away. I turn my back for a few minutes and find 3 of my top paid guys rummaging through the dumpster. I’m not sure what they were looking for, but I guess this is better than catching them pantsless behind the dumpster. 

I may be going away…but…

But don’t think for a SECOND that my family is not protected. Anyone that knows me knows that I offer very little protection anyway. Now my family FINALLY contains a bad-ass  gun wielding hot mama.

Carnival Caravan Cometh

After months of searching and waiting, the new Chariot of the Carnival has finally arrived. It’s fully equipped with 4 wheel drive for life threatening mountain passes, navigator so I can safely traverse from settlement to settlement, a backup camera so I don’t run over children, all-weather floor mats for filth and french fries, and a steering wheel. As you can see Chevy has done their part, they are an official sponsor of the Winter Carnival 2012 crusade. I feel pretty stupid and immature for putting these stickers on my new car, but I have been told those are 2 of my finest and most useless super-powers.

Oh yea, Merry Christmas and GO PACK GO!

Tomorrow, you’re always a day away

Hopefully the sun snow will come out. I can’t believe this is really only a day away!

We just got back from finalizing our estate planning. Since I was going to be away for a possibly extended period of time, Wife thought it might be a good idea. I am going on record right now to say that if anything mysterious happens to me in the near future I want her questioned immediately ;-) First the “OK” to travel cross-country without a mountain dog for safety, then a gun, now updates to my will. This is playing out like a bad Agatha Christie novel.

Looks like there may be a major overhaul to the calendar. The snow is not happening anywhere yet. So far this winter has had a preposterously small amount of snowfall for the entire country…nothing this bad since the 1800’s, at least that is what I was told by one of my heroes. I may have to abandon the ‘Colorado for January’ plan unless something changes in the near future. British Columbia Canada and Jackson Hole, Wyoming seem to be the only 2 places I am tracking that are getting any significant snowfall. There is still plenty of time, but something has got to happen soon.

Luckily for me the complete freedom for revision is one of my favorite aspects of Winter Carnival 2012!

It has begun

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The Carnival is officially under way. Made it into Colorado yesterday unscathed, without delay, and arms full of caramel apples. Needless to say, I’ve got a sour belly. But that is not going to stop us from dashing to the slopes this morning. We are about to brave some of the worst and most dangerous conditions the locals have seen in years. Because of the lack of snowfall there are bare spots and rocks jutting out. Then we told them we are from the east coast and they said we would be just fine and feel at home.


January 2, 2012

I am a bit disappointed in myself and in my body and mind today. I have spent the last 10 months of my life preparing for this day, and this day has finally arrived. I could not have been more excited. The past week of my life has been filled with more anticipation and excitement than any “night before Christmas” memory I can imagine. I have exercised almost every day, I have eaten (mostly) right, definitely much better, I have turned a great deal of my fat into muscle, and I built a website dedicated to this journey. I have been mentally and physically preparing for this day for almost a year. Today was such a personal disappointment. I have plenty of things I can blame it on, excuses to make, and Wife is telling me they are valid. I didn’t sleep for almost 2 days until last night, my muscles are tired and sore from the working out, I took a terrible fall early and probably have a minor concussion…they aren’t letting me sleep.

Snowmass Mountain today, 40 degrees, no snow in weeks: We got to the mountain before the lifts opened, prepared to be on there first thing in the morning. The locals here would have you believe that the current conditions are some sort of plague stricken upon this area by a wrathful and vengeful god. In their minds, they are right, but we come from the east coast. I have grown to love the powder and tree skiing in the past few years, but that is not the environment I learned in. Early in the morning the trails were freshly groomed and quite nice. As it warmed up everything does turn to crap. It is not the January conditions they are used to in Aspen, but it is plenty of fun for out of towners. About 2 hours in I took a terrible fall because I was either trying to avoid an outcropping rock or a deer crossing the trail, I can’t remember. I knew immediately that I was physically OK, but I hit my head, and it was one of those head hits that would have been death or worse if I weren’t wearing a helmet. I sat there for a couple minutes gathering my wits. Again, I knew immediately I was OK, but shook up. That is not a confidence booster on the first day out. I kept going for a couple more hours, but was obviously a bit shaken and dizzy headed. Later today I wasn’t even able to kick Nick Finazzo in the face without losing my balance. I called it a day around 1pm and it hit me how disappointed I was in my body and myself. Day 1, I need to shake this off quickly and not be discouraged.

Wait, what? A spaghetti sandwich? Is that Japanese?

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 Can you believe this is the same person in all of these pictures? In the top pictures he looks to be the smoothest, most hip fella, soaring through the air with the grace of an eagle. However, in the other he looks like an absolute degenerate with no table manners and the common sense of a bag of burnt dog turds. I promise you though, this is the same human being in all pictures. Somehow he has invented the long sought after spaghetti sandwich. I have no idea how we have existed this long as a species without the creation of the spaghetti sandwich. He has somehow taken the cumbersome act of eating spaghetti and made it even more of an awkward, clumsy hassle.

This young man’s name is Nick, he is a fine upstanding democrat. Wife and I both agree that he is one of the nicest kids we have ever met. Knowing him partially negates my experimental concept of abolishing all burdensome children from the planet.


Tuesday January 3, 2012

Happy anniversary to me. Snowmass Mountain again, very warm, still no snow. Conditions were even spottier then yesterday. Early morning was fine, but then the rocks and dirt came through the top layer earlier today. I hesitate to use the word terrible, because I do not feel that way. But these are not the conditions people travel from around the world to Colorado in January to ski. Being an east coaster this is still marvelous to me. The views are spectacular, and getting 4 or so hours of early day runs in is plenty for me. I’m still ramping up for what could hopefully be a long winter.

Personally I felt much better today. My neck is terribly sore and stiff. I definitely did some damage. Apparently a certain list was left at home, and nobody was keeping a close eye on me yesterday. Both Wife and the Finazzo’s are fired from daycare duty. Looks like I will just have to try to take care of myself…that is never going to work out. I took everything very slow and leisurely today. I had to keep my head and upper body pretty much cemented as one unit. Thankfully I did not have any problems. Taking it easy for the day allowed me to practice riding switch foot most of the day.

Wife and Mel took a fall together today that was quite hysterical. I missed most of it, but when I rode up I couldn’t tell if they were screaming in pain or crying of laughter. It was laughter and I think they both peed a little bit from laughing so hard. We also got a glimpse into one of our potential alternate futures. From the lift we witnessed a beautiful mountain dog running down the hill chasing a particularly tiny human being on skis. Not sure if the dog was protecting or trying to eat this future adult.

On a much more serious note, I had an amazing beef brisket sandwich today for lunch. Day 2, considerably better than day 1.

Is it murder if it was never alive?

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I guess if you order a dessert called a “snowman”, you shouldn’t be surprised if this is what you get. It might just be the cutest dessert ever. It seemed like a tragedy watching him get eaten. Unfortunately this is the most snow we have seen in one place our entire week. I swear I heard him scream out in agony as the spoon knocked away his corncob pipe, plucked out his eyes of coal, bashed his button nose, and dug into his snowman brains. Thank you Jimmy’s Restaurant in Aspen!

Wednesday January 4, 2012

Buttermilk Mountain today, still warm, still no snow. We headed into today without much hope for anything better than the past couple of days. Truth is that it was about the same conditions, but Buttermilk is a much much smaller mountain. Almost everything was groomed and this mountain is blowing snow. Nowhere else around here is blowing snow. Buttermilk is allowed to blow snow because they are hosting the X-Games in a couple weeks. The mountain was empty, like having our own private ski resort. Still no fresh powder anywhere, but the blown snow made for a much better experience. Anything getting blown always makes for a much better experience. We played today until almost 2pm, which included a quick snack break. Everyone was happy with today’s conditions. Again, not the Colorado powder you come here for, but noticeably better and more fun than the past couple days. Awww, there is an adorable dog over there right now. Makes me miss my puppies.

My confidence level gets a +1 after today. About an hour in to today I had a vague recollection of why it is that I planned a monumental journey for this winter. Some semblance of why I have prepared physically, mentally, and professionally for the past year came rushing back to me today. Today was better for me personally than the past 2 days combined.

The neck is still very sore and my range of motion is restricted. Ha, the neighbor was just outside firing up the grill and invited us over for salmon dinner tonight. That was nice of him. Very handsome fella from Boulder. He asked me if I was from Boulder, said I looked familiar. I told him I wished I was from Boulder and might be one day. Went to the gym for about an hour today after the mountain. First time since Saturday. I was afraid because of the neck, but made out OK. Dinner reservations tonight at a place in town called Jimmy’s. They will have high expectations to meet. UPDATE: expectations more than met!

I think tomorrow is going to be an off day. Wife wants to take a break and tomorrow is supposed to the warmest day of our week here.

What’s grosser than gross?

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No, it’s not a dwarf telling you that your hair smells nice. It is waking up in the morning, flipping on the news, and seeing this image flash across the screen:What is happening to me right now is the equivalent of Jeff Spicoli heading over to the Australian and Hawaiian internationals only to find out that the ocean has dried up. Then winging on over to London only to find out that Keith has finally died of an overdose. He would be one sad stoner. I think I have made it pretty clear how I’m feeling right now. A snow drought? Really? Is that even a thing? If there was a god I’d swear he was smooting me…smiting me…either way, something bad. Luckily I live in the age of hot chicks giving out the weather.

Thursday January 5, 2012

Another day in Aspen, today was a day without skiing. The weather was a gorgeous spring day! Too bad it is January in the Colorado Mountains. We decided to take a leisure day of rest today. Decided to spend the morning checking out Aspen to find out what all the rave was about. I felt very underdressed, I had absolutely no fur on whatsoever. This town appears to have more fur per capita than anywhere else I’ve been. Fur on everything, boots, jackets, hats, ski helmets, pants, gloves, and I actually saw a mink scamper across the street wearing a fur.

It started with a very yummy mountain breakfast, one of my favorite treats in life. Then we walked around the town checking out the shops. I have never seen so many digits on price tags. This town caters to a type of person I am not, nor is anyone I know. We don’t fit in here very well. Our chauffer for the day told us that we seemed too down to earth for this town. Then I told him I don’t like to be spoken to by the help, and to keep his eyes on the road.

Early afternoon was simply lounging around, being lazy, but then the real fun began! We went on a dog sled ride through the forest that finished with a fine dinner. The dinner included buffalo and elk, 2 animals that could eat me if they wanted to. That’s right, a dog sled ride. We sat in a sled while a team of dogs mushed us around the mountain trails. Pictures are HERE. It started out rather scary, but just for a few seconds. It was not at all what I pictured going into it, but ended up being a ton of fun and a really unique experience. Avril Lavigne was there, ask her, she’ll tell you how much fun it was. You might not be able to get too close though, because her bodyguard was there and this guy was bad. He apparently forgot to not get neck tattoos. Sorry no pictures of either of them as proof, but she really mushed and had dinner at the table next to us. I think she was trying to get my attention to make out with her.

Back to the slopes tomorrow!

At least these dogs can earn their keep

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Last night Wife and I went on a dog sled ride and dinner at a place in Snowmass called Krabloonik. It was not quite what we expected, but ended up being quite a fun and unique time. I don’t think us or any of our dog team will be winning the Iditarod anytime soon, but we did set a world record for number of running dog deuces. George Carlin has an old bit about how you never see anyone “Taking a shit while running at full speed”. The late and great Mr. Carlin obviously never went on a dog sled ride.

It became obvious during the picture sequence when and where I spotted the camera guy. If you watch the pictures in sequence you can see where I first spotted him, then I tried to act natural for the camera, then it simply turned into an uncomfortable staring game between me and the cameraman. What a weirdo I am.

Last night made me examine exactly how we treat our dogs and just how lazy those mutts are. As soon as we get home they are either going to have to get jobs or enroll in community college. Roller coasters.

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Friday January 6, 2012

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